Why Immigrate to Canada?

Why Immigrate to Canada?


Canada is undoubtedly among the world’s most immigrant-friendly countries, which has been further highlighted by the Canadian Government via its plans to admit over 200,000 immigrants annually.

Living conditions in Canada have been lauded internationally, with the United Nations voting Canada as one of the choice locations in the world to stay.

Below are top ten (10) reasons why immigrating to Canada could be a good idea

  •         You can immigrate with your entire family.
  •         Fee medicals and education.
  •         Both skilled workers and investors are eligible to migrate.
  •         Canada is flooded with multiple opportunities for software professionals in the Information Technology sector.
  •         If you have a permanent residence, you can apply for a Canadian citizenship within your first three years of your arrival.
  •         Canada also welcomes dual citizenship for residents.
  •         You can benefit from welfare schemes organized by the government (if needed), insurance for senior citizens, and insurance for unemployed adults, free education and free access to medical facilities.
  •         Government regulations are friendly for startups and entrepreneurs
  •         Easy access to the Mexican and United States markets, according to the NAFTA Agreement.
  •         It is the best country to settle in, affirmed by the UN—a reliable authority.


Canada offers a number of social welfare programs for the benefit of its residents. The Government of Canada shows  concern about the welfare of her residents by establishing the free healthcare program and the children education scheme up until grade 12; this they do in addition to the following social programs:

Unemployment Insurance

A Canadian resident is entitled to 60 percent of his last wages drawn in case of layoff from a job if he/she has worked for nearly six months in Canada till date.

Social Welfare Allowance

Every resident of Canada is entitled to a premium social welfare allowance from the government in case they are unable to support themselves or get a paying job.



  • Pension Plan


There is a provision for Canadian residents to receive pension upon retirement, this, however, is dependent on the year you subscribe to the program as the optimal age is 65.

  1. Old Age Pension

Senior citizens resident in Canada are entitled to Old Age pension. The amount of pension received will depend on the number of years in which the person has lived in Canada. It is a maximum if the person has stayed in Canada for at least 40 years, after the age 18. The total entitlement amount is reduced by 1/40 each year less than that.

Childcare Benefit

The Federal and Provincial governments of Canada have arrangements to provide stipulated amounts monthly for the raising up of a child. The amount paid is dependent on the amount earned by the parents in the last year.


Education System

The government of Canada understands that education is incredibly important, especially for our ever-improving world. This is one of the reasons why education in Canada is  free in Public schools till the 12th Grade.

Health System

You will find in Canada, one of the finest health care systems available in the world. The hospitals in Canada are in great conditions, highly equipped and located in most cities and towns. Services in government-owned medical facilities are normally free of charge for all residents of Canada, who are registered under the national health insurance program.


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