Hiring an RCIC:

Top Six Reasons why you should

1. RCICs are attuned to the Canada visa system

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants know the system intimately, as its part of their job description to keep up to date with the most recent changes in policy and on-going professional licensing requirements. Armed with this strong working knowledge of Canada’s immigration system, you are guaranteed sound counsel on visa eligibility and the type you should apply for in your immigration arrangements.

2. A Regulatory Licensed Based System

Licensed RCICs have successfully undergone a rigorous process to be accorded such status before breaking into the industry. Interestingly, there is a yearly renewal of license to assert that these qualify RCICs are up to date with the on-going professional developments happening in the industry.

To this end, our RCICs work in line with a strict code of conduct, which is monitored, regulated and duly enforced, ensuring that your interests are well protected. This way, you can be rest assured that the consultant you’re working with is a complete professional, well versed with all the axioms related to Canadian immigration. Our RCICs are in the good books of the authorities, as they work together to bring you

3. Top Notch Liaising Skills with the Canadian Citizenship, the Immigration and your Employer

You should know how incredibly frustrating and time consuming it can be when you try contacting any governmental department, such as a consulate or an embassy; it’s an experience most people would like to shy away from, and for a good reason.
Thankfully, when you work with any RCIC you are spared of having to place long phone calls in order to make your way into Canada. RCICs ensure that your application meets all the requirements of the Canadian Immigration Authorities, placing you in an advantageous position at every point in time.

4. Proven Immigration Strategy

The Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants not only possess a superb knowledge of Canada immigration system, they are also certified and experienced strategists qualified to lead you seamlessly through the existing bottlenecks of the Canadian visa system.
Our RECICs lead you step-by-step through the entire process; they provide you with meaningful counsel so you can fully comprehend what is at stake and draw expectations from your timeline. They’ll help get your plan rolling, bringing you closer to a successful immigration.

5. More Insight on your Immigration Options

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants are experts in their field of endeavor and they are committed to providing clear, credible and concise information on what your options are, while advising you every step of the way.
With our RCICs, you are likely to come across valuable answers you never thought of, which could brighten your chances of going to Canada. One of the many functions of the RCICs is to enlighten you on all there is to know about Canadian immigration, with specific favorable options crafted to personally suit each client.

6. Full Management of All Paperwork

It can be daunting, having to manage all the various documents and application materials involved in your Canadian oversea endeavor.
The application process for immigration demands several hours of work – filling and submitting forms and documents that require utmost attention, within tight deadlines, carried out in a correct manner. You don’t have to worry about getting the right document, as our RCICs will be right there for you.