Compelling Reasons Why You Should Invest In Canada Now

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Invest In Canada Now

For business minds with keen eyes for opportunities, the recent growth performance of the Canadian economy is a welcome development. Foreign Investments (or FDI) has been on a steady rise in Canada, with a substantial percentage brought in by the United States. However, business gurus and investors in Asia have joined the train of intelligent strategists, advancing their stake and increasing their investments in Canada by nearly 100% in 2014. Records (Stats Canada) confirm that China alone accounted for a whopping 60% of this growth.

What are they seeing in Canada that would make them invest? Well, below are a few reasons why now is the best time to invest in Canada. Enjoy the Read!

Real Estate and Related Areas

The low financial implications of investment in this sector have led to an upsurge in the volume of market trades, with records revealing that this year alone, there has been over 100 percent increase in investments as compared to this time last year. The major players in this area include the United States, China and Europe, as they have been the primary source of business for the industry in Canada. Experts have suggested that a strong reason why there have been significant sales is the exchange rate–the favorable exchange rates have led international investors to seek out locations, like Toronto and Vancouver.

A Reliable Economy

You would find it interesting to note that Canada stands as the 13th outside other 144 economies, with varying per capital strengths and member of the Global Competitiveness Index of the World Economic Forum. Canada had moved up from the 15th position that it held in 2014, indicating a stronger financial market development, coming tops as having the best banking system in the world.

Smart and Thriving Populace

Citizens and residents of Canada have provided a guarantee that the nation would retain its competitive edge and reinvention through the years. Canada currently ranks number one in the world for the Gen Y age group; the country also ranks impressively on the scale of top economies who leverage their Human Capita. As it is known, the future of any state is dependent on the strength and capacity of its youth. This places Canada in an admirable position, making them investment-worthy.

The Recommended Place to Settle

This is an astounding reason to take Canada seriously in your investment plans. Research carried out by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Livability Ranking has revealed that among 140 cities surveyed in 2015, three out of the five most livable cities in the world are located in Canada. The cities are Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. The study took cognizance of some key factors like Culture, Healthcare, Environment, Infrastructure and Education, all of which the above listed cities have in very high quotients.

Armed with Integrity and Transparency

Studies were carried out to evaluate the Corruption Perceptions Index of select 168 countries in the world by Transparency International; impressively Canada emerged as the least corrupt economy in the Americas, while holding the 9th position in the world after Singapore. This feat is a really impressive outcome for Canada as it beats the United States, which came out 16th on the Corruption Perception Index. Another milestone achieved!

Set for the Future with Innovation

Canada is the 12th most innovative country in the world, a position that the state is quickly going past. This was revealed by the Bloomberg innovation index, after carrying out a survey on about 50 countries, rating them on the basis of Research and Development, hi-tech companies, Manufacturing, education, research personnel and patients.  Also on this scale, Canada comes off as the 5th largest high-tech sector in the world.  This shows that the country is gearing up for more achievements, having the right necessary establishments available.

Canada means Business

According to Forbes’ Best Countries for Business list, Canada proudly surface amongst the top ten countries to do business in! This study was carried out using over 144 countries in the world, from which Canada emerged 7th. The ranking by Forbes’ was evaluated on the basis of monetary freedom, trade freedom, innovative technology, rights, investor protection, red tape, tax burden, corruption, personal freedom and overall  market performance. Canada also came out as the number one country in the world for Personal freedom, 3rd in the world for Red Tape, 6th for Investor Protection, 7th for Trade Freedom and finally, the 9th country in the world for Tax burden and property rights.

Without a doubt, Canada is the ideal place for a meaningful and rewarding investment. The country, not only booms in innovation but also offers great benefits for the investor in terms of protection and freedom. Coupled with the Liberal laws that govern the state, you are sure to have a thriving and energetic market any day and time.

What are you waiting for? Join the train of happy investors in Canada! Cease the opportunity!


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