Interesting Things to do in Canada

Interesting Things to do in Canada

All said and done, and your move to Canada is complete. All that’s left is to take advantage of the good benefits of being resident in Canada.

Want to tour the city, enjoying the many colorful spots? Well, you have come to the right spot. This article will provide some great ideas that will guarantee a good time while in Canada. You can only find out yourself!

Go see a Hockey Game

You will come to find that Hockey—or more properly Ice Hockey for those not used to the term–is without a doubt the most popular sport played in Canada.

The country has seven of its National Hockey League (NHL) teams spread across Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and all the way to Montreal.  It is highly celebrated, which makes it a must watch sport.

With regular visits to the viewing center, there are no borders to how much you may enjoy this sport. And if the ticket costs for the senior leagues is beyond what you can afford, then you are free to get a feel of the atmosphere with the junior teams when they play in the Canadian Hockey League—at a fraction of the price, of course

Go Skiing or Snowboarding

Skiing is a wonderful experience, ask anyone who has actually done it before. The sport is also relaxing and may seem painful at first, but have no doubt, it is so much fun!

Canada plays host to the finest ski resorts in the world, and these are all within an hour or two away from the major cities; once it snows then the time is right to hit the slopes.

The feeling of streaming down a mountain amidst the rush of wind past your face brings an undeniable feeling of joy and excitement– one that you’ll want to experience regularly.

Enjoy the Delights of the Water

One thing about Canada is the fact that no matter where you live, you are never really far from water. Canada has one of the longest coastlines in the world, as well as the most lakes in the world. Reports have confirmed that over half the world’s lakes are located within the Canada’s borders.

With Canada, there are no limits to how much fun you can have on the water and the options available for you. You can enjoy the Great Lakes while snorkeling, raft the white waters in the Rockies, surf in the island at Vancouver or see the world’s highest tidal range at the Bay of Fundy.

Get your Groove on with the Festival Spirit

Are you a lover of festivals? Then except no dull moments in Canada. The cities boom with festivals from coast to coast.

Montreal plays host to the Complètement Cirque, or circus festival every July, this it does along with hosting the world’s largest comedy and jazz festivals in the world, and this is a great time to be in the Quebec!

In Toronto, there is the Caribana and the Ex. Calgary, showcases its Stampede, the right place to get your rodeo spirit pumping!

Delightful to say is the fact that Edmonton is reveled in being one of Canada’s foremost Festival centers, and Vancouver has the festival of light that provides enrapturing views to enchant your mind.

The cities and towns of Canada have come to be the hub of celebrations and Festivals, that way you are guaranteed a good time no matter where you are.

Eat Canadian

Canada boasts of several cuisines that will thrill your palate throughout your stay in the country. They include Maple syrup, Peameal bacon, Butter tarts, Peameal bacon, Nanaimo bars, Salmon and Oysters and lots more! Canada doesn’t only play out as the

Indulge yourself with the array of fantastic cuisines!

Drink Canadian

Some of the drinks available for you to choose from include Niagara, Craft beers, Ceasars, Okanagan Valley wine, Ice Wine and more wine.

We recommend you drink responsibly while enjoying the Canadian delights!)

Go Lake Skating

The people of Canada have a vibrant and fulfilling skating culture. In fact, it is said that after they learn how to walk and talk, kids learn how to skate. Canada has many interesting centers where you can enjoy your skating, as a part of your many fun times.

Enjoy the awesomeness of frozen lakes nearby every time in the winter; this is not new to folks living by the seaside.

Go Camping

The all refreshing Canadian pastimes never leave camping behind.  Get your camping gear all set and ready, pack your tent and bring your marshmallows, go away to a lake somewhere and don’t forget to bring in your refreshments and have a good time. Spend the night staring into the skies; enjoy the feel of nature, the flow of gentle sea breeze by your brow. Relish the moment, knowing that life in the city doesn’t offer the abundant delights nature brings.

Rediscover the blessedness of Canada!

Go Hiking!

While you are busy camping, did you know it could also be a great thrill to go hiking? Each province across Canada brings a classic opportunity for hiking.

From the Rocky terrains of BC and Alberta, to the Great Lakes region and the Prairies, even stretching all the way to the Atlantic coast, there is always a place to walk to, a hill to climb and someone to share the moment with.

All you need to do is go out during midwinter or midsummer, as these weathers offer the best humidity for hiking. Of course, ensure that other adventure seekers know your whereabout, so that your location can be tracked at all times. If, however, you are hiking in the winter, ensure you follow the above advice.

Step out of your Comfort Zone with Scary Activities

Skydiving is a real thrill, one that will really create a lasting memory. You could skydive or go bungee jumping in Banff, go to the north and ride the ski-doo, or even learn a new language and so much more.

Canada is quite diverse in so many ways and there’s no short fall of fun and interesting things to do while in this country. So enjoy!


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