Canada Ranked Fourth Most-welcoming Country in the World for Immigrants

Canada Ranked Fourth Most-welcoming Country in the World for Immigrants

A new study (Carried out by Gallup) has revealed that Canada is the fourth most-welcoming countries in the world as regards immigrants. The study showed that Canada scored 8.14 out of a possible 9 in the Acceptance Index designed by Gallup. The results placed Canada fourth out of 140 countries based on an evaluation of how the countries’ population accepts immigrants. In the study, Iceland came out tops, New Zealand second, followed by Rwanda.

The score awarded to Canada is based on the results of the answers provided by 2,000 Canadians from the age of 15 upward, who were surveyed from the 10th of August through to the 29th November 2017. There was increased number of immigrants from the United States seeking asylum in Canada in 2017 over the summer, which is a direct response to the immigration policies brought to law by President Donald Trump, the President of the United States.

The U.S was ranked 9th according to Gallup’s index, with a cumulative score of 7.86

Acceptance Based on Political Fault Lines

The results from Gallup’s Migrant Acceptance Index supports the study carried out recently by Environics Institute, revealing that a majority of Canadians  have continued to hold on to the positive views of immigration.

According to the report, Neli Esipova, Anita Pugliese and Julie Ray, who are researchers with Gallup shared that residents of both Canada and the U.S are still among the most accepting of migrants in the world. They, however, noted that the degree of acceptance in both countries follows political fault lines— considerably influenced by politics.

Both the United States and Canada enjoy a long and credible history as receiving countries, however, in the past two years, while one has embraced and promoted that history, the other has continued to distance itself from it.

In the U.S, where immigration has been perceived as a threat to national security and the American worker, in the Trump-led administration, respondents were of the opinion that Trump is doing a good job scored 7.08 and the others who disapprove scored 8.54.

For Canada, a parallel trend surfaced when it comes to the performance of Minister Justin Trudeau, whose government favors immigration and has taken steps to ensuring more is done in that regard. The people who approved of Trudeau’s performance scored 8.64 while those on the disapproving side scored 7.84.

Some Determining Factors: Education, Faith, Age amongst Others

The survey also revealed that respondents who considered religion of importance in their everyday living scored lower than those who consider religion, not so much importance on the Migrant Acceptance Index, both in Canada and US.  

Those who support Trump and consider themselves religious scored 6.97 on Gallup’s index. Quite conversely, those who don’t endorse Trump and are not religious scored more (8.61).

Americans who take religion seriously have the higher tendency to be identified as Republicans, the party where the President belongs to. They also appear as conservatives, according to the report. Religious Canadians tend to agree with the Conservative Party more than Trudeau’s (The Liberal Party).

The study also indicated that younger residents, who are educated and live in urban areas in both countries, have a higher acceptance level for immigrants than their older counterparts. Acceptance was reported to be high also among those currently working, who earn wages that they are comfortable with, than those who are not employed or who are unsatisfied with their earnings. This trend was the case for both Canada and the U.S.


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