About us

At Canada IC, we handle all temporary and permanent resident applications with a refreshingly unique approach that makes our clients’ representation easy and keeps us ahead of the competition. Our expertise and all-encompassing assessment of our clients has been put into good use, enabling us to spot potential opportunities every step of the way.

We go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional service, providing readily affordable solutions to Canadian immigration problems. Our primary concern is surpassing our clients’ expectations, and we’re proud to have delivered over and over again in this area

Why choose us

There appear to be a correlation between money well spent and a successful outcome; they connote an equally measure of importance. It might be of interest to note that immigration aspirants may never have any form of physical contact with their Canadian immigration lawyers during the period of their application, more so because of the foreign countries these applicants reside in or better still, they may not be seeking access to the same city as their immigration lawyers.

With the seeming complex nature of application processes, coupled with the fact that correspondence is done via mail for immigration to Canada, which has given rise to a more disconnected approach for lawyers when serving their clientele base. Some lawyers will only bulge to provide some form of consultation when handed a retainer fee

A uniquely Different Approach

Our professionalism and the desire to go the extra mile are key themes of our services, which distinct us from the pack of Canadian immigration solutions providers.

Part of our service delivery ensures our clients are in tuned with the existing procedures in the immigration campaign. If you would like a free consultation, our attention to detail and thorough approach to knowing you and assessing your options will give you a completely different perspective. Our delight lies in the success of your endeavor, that is why we fully assess all your options and help you understand them before payments are made.